While you are at Farmfest be sure to stop by the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council's booth and take a look at the Biodiesel Truck. To me it looks like a 6 by 6 wheel drive military truck with an extended pickup body. The truck was build by the Discovery Channel's "Diesel Brothers." The Minnesota Soybean/Diesel Brothers Truck, dubbed Indomitus has been traveling around Minnesota at Minnesota Soybean promotional events.

I had never seen the word indomitus so I looked it up. Tell the truth, did you know what indomitus meant? I found out indomitus is a Latin word. Here are some adjectives to describe indomitus, wild, untamed, savage, fierce, ungovernable, invincible, atrocious and ferocious. Ok, I knew what those words meant. Looking at the Biodiesel Truck those adjectives pretty well describe it.

In the picture is the Minnesota Soybean/Diesel Brothers Truck Indomitus at the Rice County Fair. In addition to Farmfest, it will also be in the Defeat of Jessie James Days Parade in Northfield in September. The truck is being driven around Minnesota to all the events. I was told it gets around 8 miles a gallon od diesel fuel blended with 20 percent biodiesel!

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