How often does your phone ring? How often is it someone you know? How often is it a phone number you think you know, but turns out to be a robocall? Right. More rings, not often someone you know, and almost always a robocall. I wouldn't be surprised to learn people are answering their phones less because of it (I sure am).

The Washington Post just gave us a list of the most common types of robocalls in 2018, and each one of 'em hit Faribault.


They make it look like the call is local, and its the most common robocall out there this year. Most of us are getting them constantly.


It's the time of year people are signing onto insurance, so the scams come out of the woodwork. The most popular one is where it seems like they're selling you health insurance, then they ask for your bank info. Boom. Money, gone.


Most businesses know about Search Engine Optimization. It's a way to get your business to come up first, or close to first, when the business type is searched. The scam is the business will be kicked off Google if they don't pay up. .

4) IRS

The IRS doesn't contact you by phone, only thru the mail. That doesn't stop Robocalls telling you the IRS is trying to get in touch about a tax bill. They make it super urgent, and maybe jail time and huge fines are waiting for you. A new wrinkle is some of 'em using "badge numbers". That makes 'em sound legit, and it doesn't mean a thing.


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