Guillotine Magazine is out with their latest high school wrestling rankings.  Team and individuals.  It is interesting to see these rankings but of course everyone knows the only thing that matters is who wins the title in early March.  Particularly in Class A.  Goodhue is now the highest rated team out of the H-V-L in Class A.  The Wildcats lost their first dual of the season to Kenyon-Wanamingo 42-27 and is currently 2-2 in conference play.

Goodhue is rated #6 in the poll released Friday.  Defending State Champion Zumbrota-Mazeppa is #7 and Kenyon-Wanamingo #8.  LPGE-Browerville is #1, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove #2 and Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City #3.  Zumbrota-Mazeppa recently defeated Kenyon-Wanamingo so ranking them above the Knights makes sense.  Goodhue's other loss in the conference came to perennial Class AA powerhouse Kasson-Mantorville 48-16.

The Wildcats conference wins were against Triton and Cannon Falls.  They wrestle Zumbrota-Mazeppa January 10th in Zumbrota.  Goodhue did win the Chisago Lakes Invitational Tournament December 14th which was very impressive.  Zumbrota-Mazeppa is 3-0 in league play.  Kenyon-Wanamingo is 3-1 in the H-V-L and have had some of their best wrestlers out recently with injuries.

The complete Class rankings are here:

  1. LPGE-Browerville
  2. Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove
  3. Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
  4. Minneota
  5. Frazee
  6. Goodhue
  7. Zumbrota-Mazeppa
  8. Kenyon-Wanamingo
  9. Badger/Greenbush-Middle River
  10. Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
  11. Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie
  12. Minnewaska Area

Lean and Mean:  Ottertail Central, Windom/Mountain Lake, Blue Earth Area, Dover-Eyota, GrandMeadow/Leroy-Ostrander/Southland, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena, West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville, Royalton/Upsala

Class A Individual Rankings:

106 pounds

  1. Drayden Morten, Sibley East, Freshman
  2. Anthony Romero, GMLOS, Sophomore
  3. Bryce Sonnek, United South Central, Sophomore
  4. Ethan Hendrickson, United North Central, Freshman
  5. Walker Bents, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Freshman
  6. Coy Gunderson, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, Freshman
  7. Cole Holien, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, Freshman
  8. Alex Helgeson, Medford, 8th Grade
  9. Troy Parulski, St. James Area, Junior
  10. Cael Lorentz, LPGE-Browerville, Sophomore

113 pounds

  1. Charley Elwood, Medford, 8th Grade
  2. Carter Meiners, LPGE-Browerville, Sophomore
  3. Ayden Horner, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove, Freshman
  4. Zach Brown, Crookston, Sophomore
  5. Kelvin Andrade-Ponce, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, Junior
  6. Ross Herber, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson, Junior
  7. Derek Steele, Sibley East, Sophomore
  8. Eric Carrasco, Minneota, Sophomore
  9. Easton McCrory, Minnewaska Area, Freshman
  10. Trevor Michienzi, Deer River, Junior

120 pounds

  1. Jeron Matson- Kenyon-Wanamingo, Senior
  2. Will Magaard, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, Junior
  3. Trevor Janssen, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena, Junior
  4. Michael Majerus, Zumbrota-Mazeppa, Junior
  5. Cater Jonsagaard, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson, Sophomore
  6. Blaine Fischer, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Freshman
  7. Justin Crandall, LPGE-Browerville, Junior
  8. Carter Haman, New York Mills, Senior
  9. Marshall Michienzi, Deer River, Junior
  10. Matt Hendricks, Ottertail Central, Junior

126 pounds

  1. Canon Swanson, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Junior
  2. Brett Willaby, Windom/Mountain Lake, Junior
  3. Jorge Hernandez, LeSueur-Henderson, Senior
  4. Seth Goetzinger, Chatfield, Sophomore
  5. Ramzee Molinaro, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, Junior
  6. Taylor DeFrang, Dover-Eyota, Junior
  7. Landon Gode, LPGE-Browerville, Freshman
  8. Trevor Pearson, Maple River, Junior
  9. Brady Long, Deer River, Senior
  10. Dane Niemi, New York Mills, Freshman

132 pounds

  1. Lincoln Carpenter, Sibley East, Junior
  2. Blake Legred, United South Central, Senior
  3. Shawn Rue, Paynesville Area, Senior
  4. Trey Fairbanks, Deer River, Junior
  5. Jordan Lohse, West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville, Sophomore
  6. Kaden Hiemenz, Frazee, Sophomore
  7. Daniel Smith, GMLOS, Sophomore
  8. Nate Williams, Crosby-Ironton, Senior
  9. Trayton Hewitt, Lake Crystal-Wellcome-Memorial Area, Junior
  10. Joash Lord, Norwood-Young America, Senior

145 pounds

  1. Kyle Cavanaugh, Caledonia/Houston, Senior
  2. Mark Buringa, St. Charles, Senior
  3. Willie Von Ruden, Medford, Junior
  4. Spencer Miller, Staples-Motley, Senior
  5. Tyler Bents, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Senior
  6. Owen Novacek, Badger/Greenbush-Middle RIver, Senior
  7. Tagen Miller, Wabasha-Kellogg, Senior
  8. Anthony Axford, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Wesbrook-Walnut Grove, Senior
  9. Zach Spinks, Windom/Mountain Lake, Senior
  10. Mason BLair, Minnewaska Area, Junior

152 pounds

  1. Chandler Mooney, Roseau, Senior
  2. Alex Borsgard, Windom/Mountain Lake, Senior
  3. Seth Brossard, Kenyon-Wanamingo, Senior
  4. Cole VanOverbeke, Minneota, Senior
  5. Lukas Meier, Crookston, Senior
  6. Ayden Friese, Quad County, Senior
  7. Zach Holtz, Kimball Area, Sophomore
  8. Baxter O'Reilly, Goodhue, Sophomore
  9. Caden Ochsendorf, Maple River, Junior
  10. Jared Knutson, Benson, Senior

160 pounds

  1. Tyler Ryan, Kenyon-Wanamingo, Senior
  2. Owen Bjerga, Staples-Motley, Junior
  3. Jackson Held, Royalton/Upsala, Senior
  4. Kelby O'Reilly, Goodhue, Senior
  5. Marcus Otomo, Dover-Eyota, Senior
  6. Jared Schroepfer, Wabasso/Red Rock Central, Senior
  7. Dylan Rudningen, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, Senior
  8. Tallin Johnson, St. James Area, Junior
  9. Zane Swanson, Junior, Ottertail Central, Junior
  10. Ben Olson, Roseau, Sophomore

170 pounds

  1. Colton Krell, Westfield (Blooming Prairie/Hayfield), Junior
  2. Kaleb O'Reilly, Goodhue, Senior
  3. Tyson Meyer, Minnewaska Area, Sophomore
  4. Ian Frenzel, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena, Senior
  5. Shawn Buysse, Minneota, Senior
  6. Matt Ziebell, Pelican Rapids, Junior
  7. Dylan Fishcer, New York Mills, Senior
  8. Gideon Ervasti, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie, Freshman
  9. Tyler Jacobson, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva, Senior
  10. Michael Donnay, Kimball Area, Senior

182 pounds

  1. Jaden Kindopp, Canby, Senior
  2. Trevor Eisfeld, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove, Junior
  3. Noah Herber, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson, Senior
  4. Avery Northquest, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial Area, Junior
  5. Preston Snobl, Barnesville, Senior
  6. Mason Smid, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena, Junior
  7. Brett Graham, Frazee, Junior
  8. Zavier Grefe, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/ Parkers Prairie, Senior
  9. Davontae Goldsmith, Chatfield, Senior
  10. Nathan Trio, Maple River, Junior

195 pounds

  1. Jacob Bennett, Zumbrota-Mazeppa, Senior
  2. Michael Nelson, Dover-Eyota, Senior
  3. Tyler VanLuik, Minnewaska Area, Junior
  4. Kodee O'Reilly, Goodhue, Senior
  5. Wyatt Olson, West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville, Senior
  6. Jace Paplow, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove, Junior
  7. Dylan Nirk, Westfield, Junior
  8. Gabe Drewes, Frazee, Senior
  9. Evan Stoks, Canby, Senior
  10. Carter Holtz, Kimball Area, Freshman

220 pounds

  1. Luke Tweeton, Frazee, Junior
  2. Dominik Vacura, Badger/Greenbush-Middle RIver, Sophomore
  3. Tanner Berghuis, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, Junior
  4. Alex Chidester, Ogilvie, Senior
  5. Kaya Lindell, Kenyon-Wanamingo, Senior
  6. Dan Erlandson, Breckenridge, Sophomore
  7. Dylan Jurgenson, Minnewaska Area, Junior
  8. Taylor Eigenheer, Crosby-Ironton, Senior
  9. Wyatt Thorson, Ottertail Central, Junior
  10. Danny Mosford, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, Sophomore

285 pounds

  1. Craig Orlando, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie, Junior
  2. Scot Edwards, Adrian, Junior
  3. Denver Noyes, Canby, Junior
  4. Braden Willis, Mille Lacs, Senior
  5. Tony Malikowski, Frazee, Senior
  6. Zach Evans, Badger/Breenbush-Middle River, Junior
  7. Jared Seibert, United North Central, Senior
  8. Clayton Luthe, GMLOS, Senior
  9. Jesse Jackson, Kenyon-Wanamingo, Senior
  10. Jakob Swalla, Minnewaska Area, Sophomore

Highlighted Wrestlers are in Section 1 or Section 2

Goodhue Wrestling Mat. file photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Goodhue Wrestling Mat. file photo by Gordy Kosfeld

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