The Better Fuel Initiative was "officially" unveiled by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association last week at the MN AG Expo. The Better Fuel Initiative has the goal of increasing awareness around biofuels in Minnesota and to increase the present biofuel standard which is 10 percent to 15 percent biofuel! This will build on Minnesota's reputation as a leader Nation wide in biofuels.

It was in 1997 that Minnesota was the first state to require ethanol blended fuels to improve air quality. Today, no matter which state you are driving in, when you stop to refuel, if you choose regular gas it will be blended with 10 percent ethanol. Quite simply, the Better Fuel Initiative has the goal to move the ethanol standard to 15 percent.

For this to occur a lot of background work had to be done. There was an EPA rule about vapor pressure and ethanol blends for use in the summer. I still do not understand why there was a rule but the important thing it that it was changed. Another major issue was to get car manufacturers to approve the higher octane fuel so the engine warranty would be honored.

Moving regular gas sold in Minnesota to E 15 would be a "win" for cleaner air, a "win" for consumers and their pocketbooks, and a "win" for local economies and farmers!

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