Several Faribault Bethlehem Academy students stood outside the school today with signs protesting the alleged firing of volleyball Head Coach Franz Boelter.  Boelter is also the school's Advancement Director.  The student protesters say Boelter was, "Unjustly fired on Friday."

I say alleged because I have not been able to get any confirmation from school administration or Mr. Boelter. A Bethlehem Academy supporter did inform me yesterday they heard about the firing and said some students went to the principal and told him, "stories of mental abuse."

Boelter has coached volleyball at Bethlehem Academy for 25 years and has compiled over 700 wins.  He was also the head boys basketball coach for 36 years with 613 victories.  Tenth on the all-time list.

Next year's volleyball Co-Captains Olivia Nass and Delaney Donahue were spokespersons for the protesters and told KDHL POWER 96 they have not been told specifically why he was released.  Just that it was for, "unjust manners."

Nass says the protesters wanted to, "raise awareness to the community and show our support for Mr. Boelter."

I asked them if they ever saw any mental abuse and they replied, "no."

Donahue called Boelter an "amazing" coach and Nass says, "He makes you work hard and helps you grow as a person.  He expects the best out of you and wants us to succeed."

Nass added, "He's fought for us multiple times in games and it's just our turn to do the same for him."

Donahue added, "It's a mistake firing him because he's a really good coach.  He teaches about more than just volleyball.  He teaches us life lessons and says our faith and family should be first and second followed by education before sports."

Nass and Donahue added, "we want answers and they aren't giving us anything."

The students are asking the administration and school board to have a closed meeting with them so, "We can state our opinions.  The other side can state their opinions and we can work this out."

I tried to get a meeting with school President/Principal Chuck Briscoe but was told he was in a meeting this morning.

If I get any more details we will have them here and on the radio.

Faribault Bethlehem Academy Student Protesters. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Faribault Bethlehem Academy Student Protesters. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld




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