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Hey, when there are some big waves on Lake Superior, you've gotta catch 'em-- even if the wind chill temperature is well below zero, right?

Here in Minnesota, we like to pride ourselves on how we're able to withstand all the snow and cold temperatures Mother Nature likes to throw at us during the winter, right?  And while most us here in southeast Minnesota are okay with that kind of winter weather, it takes a special kind of Minnesotan to actually head out into that kind of snow and cold-- literally-- and enjoy it.

Which is exactly what these unnamed Minnesotans did Wednesday on Lake Superior in Duluth. Bent Paddle Brewing Company posted a picture of a particularly hardy soul near the iconic Duluth Lift Bridge in Canal Park as he was heading out to catch some waves on the Big Lake They Call Gitche-Gumee.

Now, keep in mind that the same winter storm that caused Blizzard Warnings to be issued here in our neck of the woods in southeast Minnesota was also impacting the weather along the North Shore Wednesday, dropping about 4 inches of snow-- and creating some massive waves on Lake Superior.

In case you're curious, the National Weather Service said high temperatures in Duluth yesterday were around 14 degrees. With wind chill readings between 15 to 20 degrees below zero. And, the water temperature of Lake Superior in the Duluth harbor area Wednesday was a balmy 34 degrees!

Of course, winter freshwater surfing on Lake Superior isn't new, Destination Duluth posted a video of some surfers braving the frigid waters near Stoney Point on New Year's Eve a few years ago.

Does that make you want to grab your board and wet suit and check it out? Me neither! But it didn't stop this guy. Well done, sir... you're a TRUE Minnesotan! Keep scrolling to check it out, as well as how some of those waves looked when they crashed into the shore near Glensheen Mansion on Wednesday.

And, of course, it's no surprise that several Minnesota cities are known for their cold temperatures, landing on this list of the Coldest Cities in America. Keep scrolling to see which cities made the list!


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