Beg and you will receive or whine and you will receive is an old phrase that seems to work pretty well for me. Normally Kelly would stop by the studio every Thursday morning as the Community Coop Oil Association in Faribault sponsors the Birthday Club. With COVID-19 and "social distancing" the last couple weeks Kelly has called in rather than stopping by.

Kelly said she actually missed coming to the studio every Thursday! Last Thursday on the Birthday Club I mentioned it would be nice to have something normal like Kelly bringing homemade Cinnamon rolls from Community Coop Oil in Faribault to the studio. I said we could observe social distancing by dropping them off outside the side of the studio.

About mid-morning Kelly called and told me to look out the back door. Yes, Kelly had dropped off homemade cinnamon rolls from Community Coop Oil. Kelly being one to always follow the rules did practiced social distancing by dropping them off by the side door and then calling me! Sometimes begging does pay?


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