In June all diesel fuel in Minnesota will be blended with 20 percent biodiesel. It was in 2014 that Minnesota went to a 10 percent biodiesel blend. Moving to the 10 percent biodiesel blend was a success. In fact the Biodiesel Hotline did not receive any major calls about biodiesel. Testing with the hotline did not show any problems with biodiesel, Mike Youngerberg senior director of product development and commercialization with the Minnesota Soybean Growers said a big part of that success can be given to workshops leading up to the fuels implementation.

With the move in June to 20 percent biodiesel a number of B Ready for B20 workshops will be held around Minnesota for diesel retailers, distributors, fleets, farmers and others interested. The plan of the 12 workshops is to prepare for the change, to understand the benefits of the fuel and how it will impact fuel suppliers and users. "We don't foresee a lot of difference from handling B10 to handling B20," Youngerberg said. " at the end of the day, handling fuel, diesel or biodiesel, is about making sure fuel tanks are clean and free of water, and making sure they stay as full as possible to avoid moisture-laden air from entering the storage tank."

Speakers at the Be Ready for B20 workshops include from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Minnesota Department of Commerce. Weights and Measures, and MEG Corp Fuel Consulting. The first workshop will be Monday, February 12, 2018  and the last one Thursday March 22, 2018. For more information contact the Minnesota Soybean research and Promotion Council 888-896-9678.

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