A new event at the Rice County Fair this year is round bale races. We were trying to come up with something different this year that would be fun and entertaining. We had a number of contestants yesterday afternoon and it was fun. We set up a track in front of our booth on the blacktop. Contestants must roll the bale about 50 feet. The winners get prizes and there is a big prize for the fastest time at the fair.

It would be difficult to have round bale races without having bales. Like I always say, it is not what you know, but who you know. I called Jeff Docken who I knew had a business called Docken Hay Works. Jeff had a County Commissioner meeting at 8:30 Tuesday morning so he dropped off two bales at the fairgrounds. Jeff brought grass hay bales that were nice and dry so they are not real heavy. You do not want bales so heavy you cannot roll them! The races are at 4:45 each afternoon at the Rice County Fair.

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