Hunger is a huge issue across the country. There are many amazing organizations out there that are helping cut down on the people who don't have access to food. Hy-Vee's across the midwest have teamed up with Hormel Foods to help provide food to those in need.

In a news release early this week, we found out that Skipp peanut butter created a program back in 2018 that stores across the midwest participated in. The Hy-Vee in Austin, Minnesota was one of the stores to get on board with the program. The release says that earlier this year, 11 different Hy-Vee's participated in a Skippy peanut butter promotion. The results are in! Those 11 communities were able to raise 11,000-pounds of Skippy peanut butter to donate to food banks in those areas. These 11 communities are located in six different states. These include Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota. They say that the 11,000 pounds are enough peanut butter to make around 184,467 peanut butter sandwiches. That will feed a lot of hungry folks.

The Austin community was able to raise 1,000 pounds of peanut butter during the duration of this promotion. That means they are able to provide around 16,300 sandwiches for folks in their community. That's so awesome to hear they are doing amazing things!

Peanut butter is a great protein and is great to have in your house, the release says. I lived on it in college and even now, if I don't have peanut butter at least once a week, there is something wrong. This was a great team effort between Hy-Vee, Hormel Foods, Skippy and local food banks to ensure that folks in places like Austin have access to food.

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