The cool trend this growing season continued through August. The average temperature for August was 2.5 degrees below normal. From May 1 through August we have accumulated 2121 growing degree units. That puts us about one week behind normal. That is for corn that was planted in late April of very early May. The corn that was planted mid-May is only about 50 growing degree units behind because early May was so cool. The corn planted early June is much farther behind.

The really wet pattern this growing season did change a bit in August though. Rainfall totaled only .5 inches above normal. This is the first year in about the last ten years that we are concerned about corn reaching black layer or maturity before the first killing frost. At this point most agronomists I have talked to are pretty comfortable with corn that was planted by mid-May will reach maturity. The corn planted in early June is questionable.

We have not picked up many growing degree units the last couple days. However, looking at the forecast for this weekend through the middle of next week it looks promising. The highs will be in the low 80's. Bring on the warm sunshine!

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