Sometimes when I get bored I start surfing the web for different things to do on the weekends. On Friday, my sister who lives in Columbus, Ohio, called me and was asking me about some places to stay in the area. I gave her a few hotels but suggested to her to check Airbnb as she was only going to be stopping for the night on her way back home from a road trip out West. She called me back and wanted to know what the $645 a night location was like. Turns out you get the whole house for the night.  

So, what are you getting for your $645? The Historic Hutchinson House of course. It has enough space for 12 guests, with 5 bedrooms, 6 beds, and a total of 6 baths. Not bad. Especially when you compare entire homes in Lakeville or Burnsville have an average starting rental price of $800.

So how does the rest of the Faribault area stack up with Airbnb? Not sure what Airbnb is, head here to find out.

Image Credit: Airbnb rental map
Image Credit: Airbnb rental map

The other spaces were just 'flats' and 'condos' available, none offered the amount of space as the HHH.

In case you were wondering where she ended up, she decided on a hotel room. I, on the other hand, didn't go anywhere and ended up with this blog to show for it.

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