On Super Bowl Sunday will you be ordering a pizza? The biggest event in football is less than two weeks away on Sunday, February 5. The New England Patriots will face the Atlanta Falcons for the chance to take home the Lombardi trophy and be known as this year's best of the best in football as the winners of Super Bowl 51. For most people it's a fun night to get together with family and friends, razz each other about the teams they're cheering on, watch some funny commercials and eat lots of food.

One of my favorite party foods, pizza, is also the biggest item consumed that day. According to Pizza.com, Dominos pizza drivers will log more than 4 million miles delivering pizza on Super Bowl Sunday, and that drivers can expect $2 tips to as high as $20 per delivery. Pizza.com goes on to state that delivery sales of pizzas spike if the score is close. Pizza Hut expects to sell more than 2 million pizzas during this year's big game and they're getting ready for the event by hiring 11,000 people to cook up and deliver those pizzas or manage restaurants.

Pizza is usually the main thing we enjoy at the parties we've hosted for our family, but there's usually a veggie tray, crock pots full of little wieners and meatballs swimming in BBQ sauce, plenty of chips and a variety of beverages to wash it all down. Whatever you like to serve at your party, just remember that the long wait for that pizza you ordered is because everybody in town wants pizza at the same time, on the same night as you.

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