I personally love the feel of a small town at Christmas time  They are usually so cozy feeling, everyone is friendly, and shopping for cute things for your friends and family can be fun.  Or maybe I'm just thinking of something from the Hallmark Channel or a Norman Rockwell painting.

Either way, there is a list of the supposedly the most charming Christmas towns in Minnesota.  You can tour them as they all have their own little take on the holidays and holiday decor.  It's a proven fact that holiday lights make people feel good. That is, unless you are a scrooge.

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First up (this is according to Only in Minnesota) on this list is


This last snowfall the town of Stillwater got 8 inches of snow.  WOW!  But anyway, that just adds to the "feels".  They have numerous events leading up to the holidays.  Including some carolers in costumes, special deals in some of the cute shops around the town, lights all over town, and there is a website to guide you around the celebrations.


See?  Small town cuteness with all the feels.  Little Falls has the holiday tour of 4 different homes/museums for the holidays.  You can check out the tour schedule here. Although you better act fast on this one.  The tours end on December 4th.


We used to drive this a lot when I lived closer to highway 55. Now, I have to think about driving in that direction, but it's worth it.  This Saturday, since it's the first Saturday of December, Buffalo has a citywide celebration including tree lighting, carolers, specials in the shops and some horse and wagon rides.  You can check out the calendar of events here. 


Apparently Winona has a ton of Christmas events throughout the month leading up to the holiday.  You can see the events on their website.


We've heard this for years.  Anoka seems to have the handle on the holidays.  They are known as the "Halloween town" but they know how to do Christmas too.  They have the annual tree lighting event including visits with Santa, carriage rides, bonfires, and general Christmas cheer.  And again, this happens the first Saturday in December, which is this Saturday.


They get into the Christmas spirit with a lighted parade.  You can get the list of events that happen in Owatonna on their website


I would add this one to the list.  There is a whole day of celebrations with horse and wagon rides, specials and treats downtown shops, a lighted parade and other fun events for their Jingle and Mingle event. You can check out that activity schedule here. You have some time to plan for this celebration too, as it happens next weekend, December 10th.

What else would you add to the list? I would also add St. Joe and the Winterwalk festival happening this weekend.  Any others?


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