Minnesota may not take the "W" in a Super Bowl...at least for a bit...but we can all stand up and be proud of the spot we just claimed.  Ok.  Maybe not super proud, but at least we weren't in the bottom 10 like Illinois. Ohhhh.


Top 10 States With the Fastest Talkers

You know all of those YouTube videos people are making?  Preply has been analyzing all of those videos as well as recordings of calls to figure out what residents in what states talk the fastest.  Check out the top 10 of the fastest talkers in the United States below:

  • #10 - Vermont
  • #9 - Nebraska
  • #8 - South Dakota
  • #7 - New Hampshire
  • #6 - Massachusetts
  • #5 - North Dakota
  • #4 - Kansas
  • #3 - Iowa
  • #2 - Oregon
  • #1 - and winner, winner...Minnesota!

Top 10 States With the Slowest Talkers

Based on the same criteria used to figure out the fastest talkers in the United States, Preply used that same data to see who talks the slowest.  Below are the 10 lowest-scoring states:

  • #10 - Illinois
  • #9 - Texas
  • #8 - North Carolina
  • #7 - Arkansas
  • #6 - New Mexico
  • #5 - Georgia
  • #4 - Alabama
  • #3 - Mississippi
  • #2 - South Carolina
  • #1 - Louisiana
Wintery scene of a man shivering in a snow storm
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Winter Has Arrived in Minnesota and Not Everyone is Happy About It!

Minnesota can appear like a perfect snow globe at times and be the setting for a perfect winter wonderland.  And then there are times when snow and ice bring absolute chaos to our landscape and make driving almost impossible.  Some people love these features about Minnesota.  But not everyone.  In fact, a poll was taken to see what people hated most about the land of 10,000 lakes and below are the results.

18 Things People in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin Hate About Winter

Sledding on a perfect carpet of snow that just fell is a gorgeous sight in the midwest. That's the fun part of winter. With the snow though comes with a whole lot of ugly! If you've never experienced a midwest winter, here's a glimpse of what people in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin hate the most about the coldest season of the year.

Rochester's Christmas Station is Back and excited to play your favorites!

You heard the news, right?! Christmas is just around the corner and Rochester's Christmas Station is BACK. Y-105FM is the ONE spot where you can send in your requests to hear your favorite songs and enjoy them all the way until Christmas.

And if you have ANY questions about fun activities, events, or news related to Christmas, we've got you covered! Y-105FM is YOUR Christmas station in Rochester and we do it all - music, events, and have all the news and info for Southeast Minnesota at your fingertips thanks to our website and free app.

Listen live wherever you are, 24/7, for Christmas music that you love on the free Y-105FM app.

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