It is not unusual to see April snowstorms in Minnesota but it was still disappointing to see all this snow. Going out to the farm late last week and there were a lot of anhydrous ammonia rigs in fields and a lot of nurse tanks being pulled down the road. There was also some small grains planted and I heard peas were being planted in the Randolph and Hastings area.

So, it will be a few days before fieldwork can resume. Looking at the forecast this week it will be cooler than normal for a couple days and then warming up to highs in the 50's and even 60's by later in the week. I am thankful the calander says April 12 and not early May. All this snow when we were in the field brings back very bad memories of the Prevented Plant year of 2013. That was the year we saw 15 inches of wet heavy snow about May 4. I will just keep reminding myself it is only April12.

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