The other day I was out to Faribo Farm and Home and I saw this kids swing made out of old car tires. My first thought was someone was very creative to come up with an idea to use an old tire to make a swing. My second thought was this was another way to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We must have been ahead of our time when I was growing up on the farm because we had a car tire swing too. This was before the environmental movement began in the 1970's.

Our tire swing was not quite as fancy as this one though. Our tire swing was an actual car tire tied to a rope and a tree branch! Have you noticed when you get a new set of tires there is a charge on the bill to dispose of the old tires? When I get new rear tractor tires the dealer takes the old tires along and also charges a disposal charge. At least now we do not have old tractor tires laying around the farm. By the way did you notice the kids tire swing was also painted John Deere green and yellow?

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