It was another week that trading volume in corn was very light with corn prices not moving very much. For the week December 2019 corn did gain 2-1/2 cents. Maybe it was another moral victory to hold during harvest. However, due to the late planting and tough fall weather harvest is long and drawn out. On Friday I received a text message from a farmer I know by Kenyon. He combined some corn planted in late May. It was 33 percent moisture and 50 pound test weight. That would be pretty ugly!

It was the same story for soybeans as in the corn market. For the week November 2019 beans gained 4-1/4 cents a bushel. Harvest continues to move along at a very slow pace thanks to the weather. We were fortunate in our area that there were enough okay days that farmers could pretty well finish the bean harvest. Going from Faribault out to the farm you do not see any bean fields that have not been harvested.


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