The 17th Annual Randolph FFA Tractor Parade was held Wednesday morning. It was scheduled for last Friday but was postponed because of the winter storm. The tractors lined up in the Randolph parking lot behind the ag shop. The parade was around the school with all the Randolph students, administration and teachers on the lawn to watch.

There was some light rain that fell during the parade and near the end the rain was pretty heavy. But, at least it was much warmer than last week and it was not snowing! The first Randolph Tractor Parade had about 35 tractors. The record number of tractors after all these years is 135. Randolph FFA Advisor Ed Terry told me after the parade he had not seen all the registrations but there were around 108 tractors in the parade Wednesday.

It was really fun to be at the Randolph school Wednesday and see the entire school and Randolph community supporting the Randolph FFA Tractor Parade.


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