I was fortunate that I got my beans sprayed on Saturday. The weeds were much bigger than I would have preferred. However, I had no control over when I got my beans sprayed. It was exactly 15 days since I was able to do any spraying. Frequent and sometimes heavy rains made the fields impossible to drive through. Thursday I was driving out to the farm to meet the crop adjuster and I saw two sprayers stuck in a bean field.

While it has been a struggle most of the beans finally got the post emergence herbicides applied. Now the question is, will the weeds die? There were some weeds like lambs quarters and waterhemp that were much taller than the herbicide label recommended for control. On the positive side, weeds that are actively growing are easier to kill. Even if the weeds are not killed, the herbicide may at least hurt or stunt them. That would mean maybe less seed produced for next year?

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