Friday afternoon I headed down to Ag Power Enterprises in Owatonna to drive my 4430 back out to the farm. Yes, Dr. Bill had my 4430 put back together with a new clutch. I drove on Highway 14 to Waseca and then took what many local people call "the snake trail" to Matawan. I was not sure it was legal to drive a tractor on a divided highway like Highway 14 even with an SMV emblem and flashers. The guys at Ag Power said farmers drive equipment on Highway 14 all the time. It was nice that I could drive on the paved shoulder and leave the two lanes open to normal traffic.

Now that the 4430 is home I can begin to prepare for the planting season. That means putting on the duals, liquid fertilizer tank, getting the planter, sprayer and field cultivator out of the shed to check them over. When I put all the equipment in the shed I was not aware of any needed repairs. However, you never know until you check it over in the spring. I sure hope it warms up soon. When it is so cold, rainy and dreary it is not as much fun working on equipment.

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