This afternoon I went out to the farm and was greeted by this nasty surprise. Water standing in beans ready to be harvested. Well. is was not exactly a surprise because I was watching the weather radar. In addition my computer said late last week I received about 2 inches of rain. Then on Saturday it was another inch of rain. That was on top of about 4.5 inches last week! So, it was not exactly a surprise that there was water standing in my bean fields.

I am not alone as the heavy rains were widespread in the Midwest. I guess "misery loves company." Looking at the forecast it calls for sunshine until Thursday and Friday when there is an 80 percent chance of rain again. Lets hope that the rain does not amount to much and we can get into harvest 2019 in a rapid way. Farmers are dependent on the weather, we know that comes with the occupation! But it sure would be nice if 'Mother Nature" would eventually give us a break!

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