Farmers myself included were waiting for the "official" announcement of another Market Facilitation Payment. USDA Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue made that announcement late last week. The payment will be made late this month or early in December. Remember in the Market Facilitation round 2 we received 50 percent of the qualified payment. Another 25 percent would be paid this fall and the last 25 percent in January if the USADA determined it was necessary.

So, this next payment will be half of the amount you received when you signed up. Most farmers assumed the next payment would be made but you never know until you have the USDA official announcement. I would assume County FSA offices will begin processing the payments without farmers having to sign up again. Remember the Market Facilitation program was authorized because of the Trade War with China. With low commodity prices because of the Trade War and the weather this has been a tough year for farmers. The payments will be very welcome!

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