I had another opportunity to talk with third-graders this morning at Roosevelt Elementary School in Faribault. Extension Educator Kendra Shroeder and Brent Fuchs, a farmer, also joined me to talk about farming and how food ends up in the grocery store. We start with a bag of corn and soybeans and then have food items from the grocery store that have some form of corn or soybeans in them.

I always ask the third-graders what they will be having for lunch. Corn or soybeans are used for many of the foods they are going to eat. I try and get them to connect that they need farmers to live. I made the comment that if we did not have farmers then they would not have to take time for lunch. They could stay in class and do homework. Just think how much more they could learn. A boy in the front row said we have to eat to live! Give him a gold star for the day! You need farmers to live.

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