I was a little disappointed when I found out that an old steam engine train was in Minnesota, and I didn't hear about it until after it had 'disappeared'. But the pictures that were taken by the Hopkins Fire Department sure are nice to see, isn't there just something majestic about these old steam engines?

On October 2nd the Hopkins Fire Department got a call about a lot of black smoke in the area of Luther Hopkins Honda. When the firefighters arrived, you know probably ready to fight a fire, they soon realized all that smoke was from this old steam engine that according to the Fire Department post "belongs to Amtrak." Actually, the train is owned by 'Friends of the 261' and operates around the Twin Cities on a semi-regular basis. 

Once they made sure there wasn't a fire somewhere in the vicinity, the engineer of the train gave the guys a tour. How sweet is that?

The last time we saw a big steam engine come through was back in 2019 when the Union Pacific's Big Boy came rumbling up the tracks on Wednesday, July 17th. That was so awesome to see, and hear.

Since the train that the firefighters ran into seems to be in the Twin Cities area, maybe I'll be fortunate enough to see it chug-a-lugging along the rails, as it did when it was originally built for the Milwaukee Road Railroad back in July of 1944.

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