An inch of rain soon sure would be nice. Yes, after all the rain this spring and summer it is hard to believe farmers would be saying a rain would be nice. It was just a couple weeks ago we received over 7 inches of rain during the Rice County Fair. I was fortunate out at the farm we received only 3 inches of rain during the week. Last week we received only .25 inches of rain. It is beginning to get a little dry in the top soil. I took this picture this afternoon of the crack in the soil in my bean field.

The corn and beans do not appear to be moisture stressed yet as you do not see any wilting or curling of the leaves. In addition there would be plenty of moisture in the subsoil. However, in a year like this with so much rain many times the corn and soybean roots do not penetrate very deep in the soil because it is so saturated. So, an inch of rain would be nice!

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