It's time for our weekly look at adoptable animals here in Southern Minnesota. This week we are featuring a cancer surviving 10-year-old cat named Kyla. Kyla according to our friend and volunteer Michaela is an 'absolute sweetheart', who also has a little bit of a story to tell.

With more information on Kyla and her story, here is was Michaela told us about this adoptable cat.

Kyla came to the Mower County Humane Society with two other cats, named Pippi and Noah, after their previous owners were unable to care for them anymore. Kyla is around 10 years of age and is "an absolute sweetheart."

When the Mower County Humane Society received Kyla, she had a bump on her head. When that bump "was removed" and it was then sent to a lab where "it showed to be a mast cell."  The good news is that the entire tumor was removed and there is hope that there will be no reoccurrence of it regrowing.

You can give this darling cat a home for an adoption fee of $50 or if you'd like to bring home a friend for Kyla you can adopt two cats for $75. Please remember that in order to adopt a pet from the Mower County Humane Society you must have an approved application, which you can find here, and come with a pet porter at the time of adoption. You also must be 21 to adopt.

Here is an update from one of the animals that were recently adopted out to a new home! Marceline spent 6 years at the Humane Society before finding her forever home.

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