Bald eagles are the symbol of our proud nation. They have fought back from near extinction to the point we can regularly see them in and around SE Minnesota. They also can apparently haul in giant muskies. Twitter user Dan Goff (@dgoff17) posted a video he took on the St. Croix river yesterday of a bald eagle hauling in a muskie that has now been viewed over 250,000 times.

The video is about 2 minutes long, and at first, you think why is the eagle just floating in the water like a duck? Then the bird starts to swim using its wings to propel it towards the shore, and suddenly you realize that the eagle is actually carrying/clinging to something under the surface of the water.

You hear in the video someone say "He's got a's a bass."


When the eagle makes it to shore you see that it indeed had something in its talons and that something is a humongous muskie.

The fish, possibly now finally realizing that it is on land and not in the water, tries to flop back into the river, only to be thwarted by a single talon to the gill and drug back further onto shore. Bon Appetite Mr. Bald Eagle.

Note to self, never tussle with a hungry bald eagle. And it's official that a bird has out fished me based on that catch.

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