On Saturday I was applying herbicides to my first planted field of beans and I was quite surprised by what I found. There were beans that had just emerged in this little area that had water in it for a number of days! There was a lot of rain right after I planted it. Apparently the seeds that had not germinated yet just laid there in the soil with all the water on top for a number of days. The tile took the water away and the seeds germinated and grew!

If the soybeans had emerged and then were covered with water they would have died. Corn and soybeans can only survive around 3 days submerged in water before they will die. I noticed a number of other farmers fields that had areas that were under water and the beans still emerged too. I guess we got lucky. One agronomist told me "never underestimate a plants ability to recover from injuries."  Because of the cold wet spring many agronomists were recommending a seed treatment to protect the seed. Maybe that is what helped the seed remain viable after a number of days in water?

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