What in the world is happening out there? Have you ever driven on County Road 46 in Rosemount?  I don't believe I've ever visited this area, but I was completely mesmerized by the drone footage over an area that has strange duplicated structures standing seemingly forever in the countryside. What are these structures?

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At first glance, it looks like something out of a movie. Perhaps they were designed for science? If you live in the area, however, you'll have learned that they have been there ever since WW2. Were they put there by the military? Was it some kind of shooting range? Was it a test site? Maybe we really were working on communicating with UFO's and this was part of a bigger secret project that we never heard any more about?

It's fun to imagine what the structures are, but in reality, you can learn all about them as you watch this amazing video.


According to the Narrator, during WW II, the United States Army built a factory in this area, to test out the smokeless gunpowder they were working on. Unfortunately, it took them quite a while to get this factory up and running, and by the time they actually had it going, the war was just about over, so there was no longer a need for it. What remains are the remnants of that factory.

Watch the video and hear the rest of the story below.


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