This next week is National Catholic Schools Week, and I'll be at Faribault Bethlehem Academy to see how they are observing the annual event. The theme this year is: "Catholic Schools - Learn, Serve, Lead Succeed."

I'll be in the president's office, so I have to be on my best behavior at 9:30AM.

Dr. Chuck Briscoe will join us and he informs me a couple students will be joining us.

I always enjoy visiting with our youth because of their vitality and, generally speaking, hope for the future. We will ask the students and the school president how Bethlehem Academy lives this year's theme in the community.

If you can't tune in at 9:30AM, go to and watch the program at your leisure.

Over the years we have broadcast the show from Divine Mercy Catholic School. We've been in the gym and the front entrance to the school for many years, and last year we were in their office.




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