It is going to be a very interesting AM Minnesota program Tuesday morning at 9:30. The topic is Enogen corn that is available only through Golden Harvest and NK. Enogen corn is a special form of corn developed by Syngenta. It has a gene from a bacteria that allows the corn to produce an enzyme called alpha amylase. This enzyme will allow the starch in the corn to convert more quickly into sugar. This would make Enogen corn very valuable in rations of dairy and beef cattle and in ethanol plants. Remember, the fermentation process at an ethanol plant is the same principle as in a cow's rumen.

My guests on AM Minnesota on Tuesday morning include Dr. Galen Erickson, professor of animal science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Erickson has conducted numerous studies using Enogen corn in the rations of feeder cattle. Also on AM Minnesota on Tuesday will be Trent Palm, Enogen corn account lead for Southern Minnesota, and Aron Krause, Golden Harvest Seed sales representative for our area. We will find out more about Enogen corn Tuesday morning at 9:30.

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