I did not think Congress would get a new farm bill finished in this lame duck session but I was wrong! Sometimes I am pleased when I am wrong! The new farm bill was passed out of conference committee and passed in the House and Senate by a large margin. President Trump has said he will sign it. This morning I saw that there will be a ceremony in the Oval Office on Thursday when President Trump will sign the farm bill into law.

The farm bill is around 840 pages. I do not have time to read the farm bill. Even if I did I would likely not understand what it means anyway! However, I know people who can understand what is in the farm bill and explain it to me in "plain English." Ag Analyst Kent Thiesse from Lake Crystal will be my guest on today's AM Minnesota program. Kent spent the weekend reading and studying the farm bill and will explain what is in the new farm bill at 9:30 this morning.

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