Thursday March 15, 2018 is the deadline for buying or changing your crop insurance policies. If you had crop insurance last year the policy will automatically renew for the 2018 growing season at the same level and type of insurance you had last year, unless you make changes by the deadline. If you did not have crop insurance last year you have until March 15 to purchase it for the 2018 growing season. Crop insurance will be the topic on today's AM Minnesota Program.

My guest will be Ag Analyst and Ag Banker Kent Thiesse from Lake Crystal. Kent mentioned that the overall rates for crop insurance will be about the same as last year or maybe a little lower. It seems every year there are a few changes. This year the "prevented plant" clause will pay you 55 percent of your guarantee instead of 60 percent.

Crop insurance is the base of almost all farmers risk management plans. But there are many different levels and types of crop insurance. Plus, there are many endorsements offered by insurance companies designed to enhance the USDA subsidized crop insurance policies. They include hail and wind damage. So, it can get complicated. That is why you need a trusted private crop insurance agent to design a plan that works for your farm.

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