Last spring in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic when commodity prices crashed Congress passed the CARES act which provided some financial assistance to farmers. There was also some available funds in the USDA's  CCC program that was also used. It was a very complicated program with two funding sources that was very beneficial to most farmers. However, there were some gaps in the program so it was nice to see there will be a CFAP program round two.

The CFAP round two seems a little more straight forward as it uses a per acre minimum payment or a formula using a payment rate times your trend adjusted Average Production History (APH) times your acres planted. It sounds like all we have to do is sign up at the Farm Service Agency Office (FSA) and they can pull all the numbers they need from their USDA and Risk Management Agency files. So, give your FSA office a call and sign up for the CFAP round two program!


It sounds pretty straight forward for the major species of livestock too. Another major change is I understand there will be a payment for vegetable crops too like sweet corn and peas. Click on the links above and listen to Megan Roberts Farm Business Management specialist with the University of Minnesota Extension Service talk about the CFAP round two program.

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