African swine Fever is a very contagious disease that has a mortality rate of almost 100 percent of pigs infected. That is a very high death rate for a disease. Fortunately it only affects pigs, not people and it poses no food safety issues for humans eating pork. Remember it was African Swine Fever that wiped out about half of China's swine herd. So, it is a big problem when it is found in another country, in this case Germany.

As soon as a foreign animal disease like African Swine Fever is found in a country other countries cut off pork imports from the affected country. So, immediately Germany was informed China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Japan, South Korea and Singapore will not allow pork imports from Germany. China alone will cut pork imports from Germany by 300,000 tons this year.

Germany is the EU's largest pork producer so there will be a big void that according to a report by the University of Illinois will be largely filled by United States pork producers.

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