If one searches hard enough they will often find connections between people and places. Think 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes has committed to a new movie role and it is connected with Southern Minnesota in a few different ways. The movie titled Outbreak Z  has Snipes listed as an executive producer the film alongside Owatonna-based Winterstate Entertainment, which is run by Hamid and Camille Torabpour. 

The former Blade Trilogy, and Major League actor is the only big name listed so far for the Winterstate Entertainment film. But the director, Chris Brewster, is still casting other roles. Snipes will play an officer in the film, that according to The Hollywood Reporter "focuses on two SWAT officers on a desperate hunt through an overrun college campus in search of a man who holds a vaccine to a zombie virus."

Another southern Minnesota connection to Wesley Snipes and the movie is another writer on the project who I actually co-workers with, Clint Narramore, former sports director for a radio station in Austin, MN.

Plus, the movie is looking to be shot in Minnesota possibly this summer. Anyone have any guesses as to where? The Torabpour's have the Owatonna connection, maybe there?

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