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Sure, September might have just started and it's not even fall yet, but there are signs that could point to a winter that's colder and snowier than usual in Minnesota this year.

Sure, go on, 2020. With everything ELSE you've already thrown at us, why not give us a winter that's packed with more snow and more sub-zero temperatures, right? Well, that might be what Mother Nature has in store for us here in the Land of 10,000 (Not-Frozen-Yet) Lakes.

At least that's what could happen, if you put much stock in the weather pattern known as La Niña that looks to be developing over the Pacific Ocean. And according to MPR Chief Meteorologist Paul Huttner, that pattern affects the jet stream over Minnesota and can sometimes be responsible for winters that have colder temperatures and more snow. As he noted in the story:

La Niña years statistically favor a colder than average winter overall for Minnesota in about 70 to 80 percent of years. And, there is also a slight bias for above-average snowfall across Minnesota during La Niña winters.

Now while we don't KNOW that's what's going to happen, the signs look promising for La Niña to develop later this fall. In fact, Hutton noted the National Weather Service has issued a La Niña watch for the upcoming fall and winter season. So, don't be surprised if we're reaching for the snow shovels or trying to start the snowblower more often the usual this year as well as shivering through more sub-zero cold snaps too.

Although I always remember what a meteorologist I worked with back in Wisconsin would say when somebody asked for a prediction about what the upcoming winter was going to be like. "Colder, with some snow," he'd say. And he was always right!

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