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The Minnesota Twins made an announcement Monday (January 17th) that officially canceled this event for 2022.

While it's sometimes difficult to think about baseball and warm summer days watching the Twins at Target Field while it's the middle of January in Minnesota, the Twins Winter Caravan was a baseball event we could look forward to each year.

In case you aren't familiar, the Twins Winter Caravan is the team's annual event that typically features Twins players, coaches, team alumni, and executives on a tour of towns throughout Twins Territory in Iowa, North and South Dakota, and here in Minnesota. In fact, Rochester had always been one of the featured stops on the Winter Caravan.

And after having to cancel the 2021 Winter Caravan, the Twins announced in early December that the popular off-season tour was back on for 2022. But that's now not the case, thanks to-- stop me if you've heard this before-- the ongoing spike in Covid-19 cases.

Here's the statement the Twins released regarding the 2022 Winter Caravan:

The Minnesota Twins are reaching out today to inform you that, after careful consideration of the current and projected COVID-19 situation throughout our region, the difficult decision has been made to cancel our 2022 Twins Winter Caravan scheduled for January 30-February 4.

With the Omicron variant continuing to drive case numbers up and posing a high risk, we feel this is the correct course of action to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our fans, staff, employees, partners, and communities.

We look forward to resuming our fan engagement initiatives when it is safe to do so – and, of course, we’ll be excited to bring back Winter Caravan and TwinsFest in 2023!

In addition to canceling this year's Winter Caravan, the ongoing pandemic is STILL causing disruptions in many other aspects of our lives these days, as well. It's been especially noticeable at stores, where those dreaded 'supply chain' issues have led to bare shelves. In fact, keep scrolling to check out some items you won't be able to find at Costco anymore in 2022!

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