Sears was once a name that sent shutters down CEO's spines when it announced it was opening a store in the immediate area. Now that has changed so much that I can't remember seeing a Sears store for some time. In a recent article by Business Insider Minnesota based Best Buy stands to gain the most if and when Sears goes belly up. 

It doesn't seem that an electronics store would gain the most from the closing of a apparel and appliance store, but Best Buy has recently been boosting it's home appliance sections. Probably where the CD's were sold. Other stores that would get a boost if Sears were to close nationwide Pier One Imports, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Williams Sonoma.

The real question people might be asking is how much does Sears acutally bring in when it comes to appliances annually. $3.5 billion. That is the second highest number behind the $4.8 billion that apparel brings in for Sears.

In case your wondering where the closest Sears store is, when I did a search on there website Austin, MN and Bloomington, MN were the nearest locations to Faribault.

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