Late last week the National Cattlemen and Cattlewomen's Association held their National Convention in Phoenix Arizona. It would have been nice to go to that convention and get out of the cold weather for a while! Jeff Reed the manager of CENTRAL LIVESTOCK Association (CLA) had a good reason to go to the National Convention. CENTRAL LIVESTOCK headquartered in South St. Paul was selected as the National Marketer Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) award winner for 2018.

"The National BQA Award recognizes outstanding beef, marketer and dairy producers that best demonstrate animal care and handling principles as part of the day to day activities on their respective operations." The one common trait of all entrants was the desire to continually improve BQA in their operations and encourage others to implement the producer education program.

CENTRAL LIVESTOCK's history goes back to 1921. Farmers banded together to form CENTRAL LIVESTOCK because they needed a business to market their livestock to the packers. You really have to admire the foresight and wisdom of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers for organizing Coops that are still strong today! While the stockyards are no longer in South St. Paul there is a very active market and stockyards in Zumbrota. In the picture is a little section one of the fences from the original stockyard in South St. Paul.

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