There is a historic farm in Isanti, that is the site of a movie set this month. A holiday film called "Christmas in Farmstead" is being shot at Erickson Farmstead. I thought that was pretty cool. If you drive by there you will see the cameras and the working crew working hard on this film.

“We’ve never experienced anything like it, so interesting to see how much time goes in to set up for getting just seconds of the movie,” said Dennis Davis, the owner of Erickson Farmstead.

Davis says a movie producer contacted him two months ago about shooting the movie at the property. Luckily, the shooting schedule coincided with a natural downtime for the farmstead, which is a popular wedding venue. So they went for it.

This movie started shooting at the farm a few weeks ago and will be there shooting till  February 18th, according to Davis. He says the film's plot revolves around an old inn going up for sale in a small town. Realtors start competing for the listing, but in order to get it they have to stay at the inn for a week to get a feel for the atmosphere. There's some competition, but there's also a possibility for romance. So I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Once the movie is completed it will be shopped around and could even be featured on Lifetime or Hallmark channel holiday movie lineup. Both are my guilty holiday season pleasures. Curl up on my couch, popcorn, glass of wine and watching a Hallmark or Lifetime movie. It would be awesome to see a Minnesota location in a movie.

The Davis family bought Erickson Farmstead two years ago. When they bought it, it was in need of some attention since it wasn’t lived in for 30 years.

So our goal was to bring it to its former glory and and share with everyone whether it be weddings, events, or whatever it may be,” said Dennis.

This will be cool to check out next holiday season.

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