4th-grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary in St. Cloud Mike Mathiason has dress shirts, jackets, blazers, and ties hanging around his classroom. That's because every Tuesday is "Dress for Success" day and each of his students get to pick out what business attire they'll wear that day.

Mr. Mathiason told KARE 11, “'When we look good, we perform better.'" That's why he decided early in his teaching career that his wardrobe of choice would be a suit and tie. His students love "Dress for Success" Tuesday.

Student Nimo Dabar was looking at herself in the mirror with a blazer on and said “'It’s going to be an awesome day.'” Riyaq Mohamed said, “'Makes me feel special,'” as she also wore a blazer. Jermaine McClure told KARE 11, “'When I wear it, I feel better and I feel like I can get better at math.'” Another student, Muhsin Hussein, even asks Mr. Mathiason if he can wear ties on other days of the week.

After school every Tuesday, Mr. Mathiason brings home the dress clothes and washes them at his home. Some of the clothes have been donated but many of them he purchased himself.

When KARE 11 originally talked about this story they mentioned that Mr. Mathiason could use more dress clothes for his classroom. Many people have shown their support since then. People from California, Florida, and Texas have even reached out. Mr. Mathiason said that his students can't believe how many people saw their story. "'They're like, ‘They're sending us this stuff so we can wear it in the classroom,' I think that's been the biggest thing.'"

If you would also like to help out, email Mr. Mathiason at michael.mathiason@isd742.org

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