Color me embarrassed. I've lived in the North Star State a large majority of my life (I was in South Dakota for a year), and I was today years old when I learned that the Mall of America has a gas station convenience store INSIDE the mall on the west end. It apparently even has a gas pump! (clearly for display purposes) Let me introduce to you the Holiday Station Store Mall of America!

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There are 520 stores inside the mega-mall, and one of them is this Holiday Stationstore located right inside the Level 1 West doors, right next to the parking ramp. While there is a gas pump to go with the store, it's simply a display model. The store itself is just like other Holiday Stationstores located around the state. It has fountain drinks, coffee, snacks, and one person on stated the store has meal combo deals for those interested. 

So why is there a Holiday inside the mall? Great question. Before the MOA existed, the land it sits on was home to Met Stadium. (Which is also why there is a home plate located inside the mall where it would have been if the stadium was still there.) The popular online rumor is that "Holiday used to have a station by the Met Stadium and had a long term lease. The property was taken to build the mall. To replace the lease, they were given a slot for a store inside the mall when it was built."

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

I saw that online rumor in a Kwik Trip Club post. So is it fact? I have no idea. I Googled it, and no real background story ever came up. You can check out some pics of the store below.

Inside the Holiday Stationstore at the MOA

So do you know the reason there is a Stationstore inside the Mall of America? Reach out and let me know.


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