We made plans Saturday to get my daughter and grandson to the Children's Museum in St. Paul.  This was the second week in a row for this as they did not accomplish all they wanted when they went on St. Patrick's day. But my grandson did get to check out his first parade.

I had totally forgotten about the march for life in St. Paul, with the 20,000 people heading down Wabasha street(right near the museum) to the capital. So I am not as familiar with downtown St. Paul as the rest of my family so the only parking ramp I could find that was not on a blocked street was the one across from the Xcel Energy Center. On the walk to the museum which takes you right past MIckey's Dining Car, I decided to look to see if we could get in. My daughter in law and oldest son and I have never been there. Since it was a rarity to find room to get in and sit down, we decided we would.

They have been around since 1939. Open 24-7-365. There are some rules with regards to the experience at Mickey's. If you are in a hurry, come back when you are not. With the small grill, it takes a bit for the orders to get done. No Smoking, No Checks, No take out, no public restrooms, and tips are welcome, but you can't put them on your credit card. Mickey’s Diner was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 and was one of the first diners to be a registered historic place. The designation helped preserve the diner during urban re-development within the city of St. Paul.

I had an omelet that was very fluffy. I found out they use the malt machines to whip the egg mixture for the omelets. I had some of their buttery hash browns and some toast. It was fabulous and I really did not need much else the rest of the day. Prices are not bad for being a popular place in downtown St. Paul. So if you haven't ever checked it out stop in. Just don't be in a hurry.


Sam Axt photo Mickey's Menu
Sam Axt photo Mickey's Menu


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