Saturday I rang the Salvation Army bell in the exit way of the Fareway grocery store in Faribault.

The experience inspired me to pen this Christmas poem I hope you enjoy.

The miracle I speak of is the lesson I was taught by a simple gesture of the heart.  More than one actually.

My Christmas Miracle

I experienced a Christmas miracle first hand.

There was no sounding of trumpets from a Heavenly band.

An elderly lady stopped by while I was ringing bells at Fareway.

She handed me a $100 bill and said she wanted to spend it that way.

I said God’s blessings to you for this gift of the heart,

That is always the best place to start.

She said she was blessed and knew there were people in need.

With this gift the Rice County Salvation Army can help someone indeed.

Then quickly as she appeared, she wasn’t there anymore.

She came from the parking lot and asked me to open the door.

Whenever I ring bells at Christmas time, I always think of the biblical widow story.

You remember Jesus is watching people place their Tabernacle offertory.

Some give a lot, but it’s the widow’s small sum over which his heart sings.

Because she gives all she has knowing God provides all necessary things.

So I thanked everyone for their gift whether they were coin or paper.

There were people I knew and strangers too as my shift did taper.

I had a couple of people invite me to their home to enjoy a Christmas feast.

You shouldn’t be alone they said, like loneliness was some beast.

Christmas is for families I replied and I do appreciate your kind offer,

But with Jesus in my heart I am never alone or a pauper.

Rice County Salvation Army Kettle at Fareway in Faribault. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Rice County Salvation Army Kettle at Fareway in Faribault. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld

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