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You've heard no doubt heard it many times, but you won't hear this familiar phrase any longer if you take a flight on this Minnesota airline.

There are many catchphrases that have become part of our popular conversation here in Minnesota and across the country this year. Phrases we never really thought we'd say, like "flatten the curve" or "we're all in this together," have been uttered by many of us during this dumpster fire of a year that 2020 has been so far.

But ONE phrase you're probably used to hearing WON'T be uttered anymore if you happen to book a flight on one of Minnesota's biggest airlines. Delta Airlines, which of course, is the largest domestic air carrier at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, reported a few weeks ago that its flight attendants and crew members will begin phasing out the phrase 'ladies and gentlemen' when making announcements in-flight and at its boarding gates at airports around the world.

Delta would be the first major air carrier in the U.S. to make the change, and said it's all about using more gender-neutral language, being more welcoming to all its passengers, and being an even more inclusive airline. The travel website, PaddleYourOwnCanoo, said Delta explained more in a statement:

Delta flight attendants will greet our customers with gender-neutral language through our on -board announcements. Promoting inclusion throughout the travel journey is core to creating a safe, comfortable and respectful space for all of our customers and employees.

While Delta is apparently the first U.S. airline to drop the rather old-sounding phrase (I mean, really, when's the last time you said either 'ladies' or 'gentlemen?'), this TravelLeisure story notes that many Canadian airlines had already stopped saying it last year already. (And, they're not saying 'mesdames et messieurs' either, which is the same phrase in French.)

Going forward, the story noted, instead of 'ladies and gentlemen,' Delta said its flight attendants and crew will now use the phrase, 'Hello everybody' instead. Which is fine by me. In fact, I'll bet, had I not read that Delta was doing away with the phrase, I probably wouldn't even have noticed that they stopped saying it.

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