97-year-old Mark Sertich is a World War II veteran and a Minnesotan. He's also a hockey player. Still is! His teammates are so inspired by him. The Star Tribune says that some of his teammates are less than half his age.

He's currently dealing with a "torn tendon in his right hip" which, of course, happened while he was skating. When he talked to doctors about it they said at his age surgery won't help. He has such an optimistic view though, he told the Star Tribune, "'I hope it gets better. It takes time I guess.'"

On Thursday, at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, Mark was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame and there was a dinner in celebration.

Teammates of Mark's told the Star Tribune that he's "a wonderful, wonderful man" and "unbelievable." Mark said that "'if it wasn't for these guys [he] probably wouldn't be where [he's] at right now.'"


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