The 68th Princess Kay of the Milky Way Coronation will be Wednesday evening at the Minnesota State Fair Band Shell starting at 8:00 pm. Princess kay of the Milky Way Brenna Connelly of Byron will be passing the crown on to one of 10 county dairy princesses. The 68th Princess Kay of the Milky Way will spend her first day at the Minnesota State Fair in the cooler having her likeness carved out of a huge block of butter.

Jerry Groskreutz / Townsquare Media

Then the 9 other finalists will spend a day in the cooler having their likeness carved out of butter. That is why all the finalists are referred to as "Butter Heads!" Every year when I go to the coronation I always root for the dairy princess from our listening area and this year we have three! They include Kelsey Kuball of Waterville daughter if Nathan and Shannon Kuball representing Rice County, Katrina Thoe of Hayfield daughter of Jeffery and Susie Thoe representing Dodge County and Emelia Dose of Plainview daughter of Paul Dose and Stephanie Hein representing Wabasha County.

Jerry Groskreutz / Townsquare Media

I sure am looking forward to going to the Coronation Wednesday evening as a virtual event is just not the same! I know the Minnesota State Fair 'Officially" opens Thursday morning but in my opinion it always begins with the Princess Kay of the Milky Way  Coronation the evening before!

Ten Things Only Minnesotans Over 35 Will Remember About the World Wide Web

The internet machine has been around a lot longer than you might remember,. When you were kids saying PAW so they didn't know you were talking about them, to sending roses to people with the keyboard, it was a lot of fun and seems so innocent now.

Some of the slang is still around because people of a certain age are still using it, but a lot has died off. BRB will never leave us, though. LOL