Minnesota is often portrayed as being cold and snow-covered all year long. As residents of this great state, we know that is far from the truth. We are blessed to have beautiful transitions through the seasons and summer weather that entices us to get outdoors. But what if, on one of these warm summer days, you want to cool down and don't have air conditioning?

  1. Grilling is the perfect way to prepare a meal if you don't want to heat up the house even further with the oven or stove-top. Step outside to cook and keep the heat out.
  2. Pull out the swimsuit and a floaty and take a dip. With more than 10.000 lakes in Minnesota, and easy access to rivers, it's hard to beat this easy, cost efficient and fun way to cool down.
  3. If you need a break from the heat for just a few hours, spend a few bucks and catch the latest flick at the movie theater. Theaters always seem to be set to a very crisp temperate and as a bonus, you'll see the latest blockbuster.
  4. Create a cross breeze with a fan and an open window. It will cool you down, and give you a pleasing white noise. Use blinds and curtains to block direct sunlight.
  5. Water is the way. Take a cool shower, or use a ice pack to bring down your body temperature. And remember to hydrate well.

Sometimes the heat and humidity can take it out of you, but I always try to remind myself that I would take the heat over sub-zero temps any day!

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